Recap: Privacy Engineering Practice and Respect 2020
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Recap: Privacy Engineering Practice and Respect 2020

Missed PEPR 2020 and want a recap of all the talks? Read this.

What is PEPR?

The Conference on Privacy Engineering Practice and Respect (PEPR) is one of the best conferences for privacy engineers.

PEPR allows you to learn about cutting-edge developments in the field, learn from hands-on technical peers in industry and academia, and be part of a growing community of privacy practitioners. The speakers have a long history of solving practical privacy problems before "privacy engineers" existed, and have a wealth of knowledge to share. What's not to love?

In the conference organizers' own words:

PEPR is focused on designing and building products and systems with privacy and respect for their users and the societies in which they operate. Our goal is to improve the state of the art and practice of building for privacy and respect and to foster a deeply knowledgeable community of both privacy practitioners and researchers who collaborate towards that goal (PEPR 2020).

Why A Recap?

Attending conferences (virtual or in-person) takes a substantial amount of time, energy, focus, diligence, and many other attributes. In other words, conferences can be taxing and draining even for the best of us.

On the other hand, a conference recap can help people navigate the topics, talks, and resources in a more distilled form. From here, people can invest their time in topics that are interesting and useful to them.

I wanted to do this for PEPR 2020.

While most talks at PEPR are not particularly long (~20 minutes), there are 21 talks in total—this results in ~7 total hours of videos to watch.

To help make catching up on this valuable content more approachable I've distilled each talk into 3-4 short paragraphs. I hope these brief snapshots spark your interest and encourage you to invest some time and watch the full talks!

What Topics Are Covered?

The PEPR 2020 talks are comprised of 7 main categories. Each of these categories has 3 talks, resulting in 21 total talks.

If you're reading this post once the recap for all categories has been released, I encourage you to start with one or two categories, check out the recaps, and then watch the full talks! The 7 categories (and their respective recaps) are:

  1. Data Governance
  2. Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis
  3. Design
  4. Product Privacy
  5. Privacy-Preserving Technologies
  6. Incidents
  7. Frameworks and Risk

Wrapping Up

There is a substantial amount of content that will be released in this blog post series and it just begins to scratch the surface. I hope these posts have piqued your interest in PEPR 2020 and future iterations of the conference!

If you liked this post (or have ideas on how to improve it), I'd love to know as always. Cheers!