The Privacy Practitioner is dedicated to providing practical privacy education.

While there are wonderful communities and resources in adjacent and overlapping fields like security, canonical privacy resources are difficult to find. The Privacy Practitioner aims to provide these trusted, practical resources for the privacy profession.

About Me

Currently, I (Nathan Lemay) work full time as a Privacy Engineer at Amazon—thoughts on this blog are my own. Previously, I worked as a Privacy Engineer at Robinhood and Google, as well as a Software Engineer at GoDaddy, focused on Digital Crimes and Child Safety.

I also work part time at Georgia Tech supporting the Privacy for Professionals course offered by Peter Swire and DeBrae Kennedy-Mayo. If you have questions about the Online Masters in Cybersecurity at Georgia Tech, please reach out!


Please reach out to discuss privacy, ask questions, share memes, etc. via email or on LinkedIn.

Nathan Lemay and partner seated on a bench facing waterfront with their dog, Bru, facing the camera.
A candid shot provided by a stranger during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deleting Your Account

If you signed up for an account and would like to delete it, please reach out to me.

Currently, Ghost does not natively support member deletion. I am eager for Ghost to add more accessible and configurable options for users to manage their subscriptions in the future.