I'm Nathan Lemay and this is my blog.

I'm creating this blog to start conversations and build relationships with people interested in privacy. There are wonderful communities and resources in related fields e.g., cybersecurity, and I hope to contribute similarly to the privacy discipline.

My goal is to make privacy more available, accessible, and practical to those interested. This may take a number of forms including synthesizing research papers, covering privacy-preserving technologies, addressing the gap between legislation and implementation, or showing ways to start a privacy career.

About Me

I work full time as a Privacy Engineer at Amazon—thoughts and opinions on this blog are my own. I previously worked as a Privacy Engineer at Robinhood and Google, as well as being a Senior Software Engineer on GoDaddy's Digital Crimes Unit and Child Safety teams.

I live in Washington state with my partner and our Coton de Tuléar (Bru). I  graduated with my M.S., Cybersecurity from Georgia Tech where I currently support the Privacy for Professionals course offered by Peter Swire and DeBrae Kennedy-Mayo. In my copious free time, I enjoy baking, hiking, and ignoring more hobbies than I can remember.

Canceling Your Subscription

For the foreseeable future, the majority of the content planned for The Privacy Practitioner will be free. However, should you choose to support me and the site you can subscribe to members-only content.

Please note, due to the current limitations in the Ghost platform (where this blog is hosted), if you would like to cancel an existing subscription please reach out to me. I am eager for Ghost to add more accessible options for canceling subscriptions in the future.


Please reach out to discuss privacy, ask questions, share memes, etc. via email or on LinkedIn.

Nathan Lemay and partner seated on a bench facing waterfront with their dog, Bru, facing the camera.
Candid shot provided by a stranger during COVID-19.